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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of equipment do you use? We bring all kinds of gear and equipment to weddings. Our current camera bodies are all Nikon professional full frame D-SLRs. We always bring 4 camera bodies to each wedding. We also use a large variety of Nikon professional lenses ranging in focal length. We carry an assortment of speed lights, off camera flash gear, light modifiers, and all kinds of odd and ends. 

Do you have back up gear? Yes! Always. We have back ups for everything we bring. 

Do you guarantee your attendance at my wedding? Yes. 

What is you back-up storage process? For starters, our main camera bodies have two memory card slots. This means that every picture we take gets saved in two different locations immediately. After we get home from your wedding we take one memory card and put it in a fire safe box and we take the other card and upload in to our computer. After they are uploaded we back them up on two different external hard drives. Finally, we run an online back-up nightly. Only once your digital negatives are uploaded online will we reuse the memory card stored in the fire safe box. 

Do you edit your images? Yes, every image is processed and enhanced to be displayed in the best quality when printed. We start out by shooting every image in a RAW format. Then we correct white balance, color, and exposure if needed. At the very end we will selectively retouch or add an artistic effect to certain images. We use Photoshop and Lightroom for most of the edits we do and we keep our monitors calibrated regularly. 

What is you turn around time? Wedding images will be ready to view online in 4-6 weeks from your wedding day. Engagement images are usually ready in 1-2 weeks. 

Do you have liability insurance? Yes- and any professional wedding photographer should. Please make sure that who ever you hire has liability insurance, I can't stress that enough. Most venues require insurance. You don't want to hire someone only to have them turned away by the venue on your wedding day because they don't have insurance. 

Do you offer prints? We offer a wide range of prints- just about anything you can think of. Contact us for a price list.

Do you give digital copies of your images? Always. We will give you all of your fully enhanced digital images files in the highest resolution possible with a written copyright release no matter what package you pick.


Have more questions? Don't hesitate to contact us and ask!