Silver Locket Photography | Our First Desi Wedding - Zain + Sana

Our First Desi Wedding - Zain + Sana

April 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Alison and I have really enjoyed our 3 month break from shooting weddings, but we're equally as excited to get back into this jam packed season that awaits us! Our first wedding of the season couldn't have been better. We had the pleasure of experiencing something brand new to us. We shot our very first South Asian wedding, also known as a Desi wedding. It was quite refreshing and a lot of fun. We had a beautiful couple, Zain and Sana! They were so sweet and polite. The colors we're amazing and contrasted perfectly everywhere we looked. Did I mention the food was amazing?!?


The event took place over the course of two nights:


Night 1: The Mehndi



Night 2: The Shaadi



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