Silver Locket Photography | about SL

Welcome! Silver Locket Photography is a wedding photography and media production team based out of Atlanta, GA.

I guess you could say it all started when I was nineteen years old. It was 2005 and besides my obsession for Bob Dylan, Jimmy Page, and Nirvana, I loved taking pictures. I went through disposable cameras weekly, always carrying one around looking for moments to seize, something worth remembering. I can recall my envy when my friend showed me her digital camera, a revolutionary piece for that time, and what was more, she knew how to use all it’s ins and outs. It’s funny to think about that old clunky camera and my disposables now, given how far modern digital photography has come, but something that I’ve realized has stayed the same is my passion for photography and my individual approach. To me, photography isn’t about how expensive your camera is or how much gear you have. It’s about the way you see things. A tool to share the way you see the world. And it’s about finding your own approach to how you convey these things. I look through my lenses with a vision, manipulating the resources around my subjects to reveal the way I see the beauty of obvious things, and in sometimes otherwise ordinary things. Like anything, there are times where finding a vision and creating originality takes dedication and requires careful, attentive, work. And then there are those moments when... from behind my camera with excitement..I see it so easily.  A moment. A gesture. An interaction between people that needs no interjection, a space in time extending beyond the frames of a photo that is composed, not by me, but by love, by realness, by an active counteraction to life. A moment set against an unexpected backdrop of nature’s unveiling, like watching the Earth whisper a secret. These moments happen everyday, everywhere. Photography has allowed me to do and learn a lot of things, but one of my favorites has been in practicing the discipline of acknowledging these kinds of happenings that we too easily forget how to see or simply disregard.